Welcome to the Casualty Forms Help Page. Here you will find guidance on searching the Casualty Forms.

There are two ways of searching for an individual's records, using either 'Surname' or a more advanced search using a combination of 'Surname', 'given name' and 'date of birth'.

The quickest search is that using the 'surname' box on the Home Page, see image below. This search is not case sensitive and can be expanded by the use of an asterisk -*- to pick up variant spellings.

Should the quick search return too many results, an advanced search can be run using the ‘advanced search’ box, see below. Once again, this is not case sensitive.

It is important to note that the series starts with the surname ‘Beadle’, as the collection was incomplete when the Museum received it.

Any further questions can be addressed to the Project Team. Any points raised that can help the wider community will be posted here.